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Sorry Eric.

Let me try again. Please see the photo labeled Outhaul Drive Shaft #2 in the SM Outhaul
Service Folder in the photos section. The shaft is shown in the removed condition. When
assembled, the shaft is down thru the center of the gear assembly. Now imagine that you
are trying to PUSH the shaft out of the gear assembly. If you place the fingers of both your
hands on the top cover of the gear assembly (equivalent to the fingers of the puller) and
use both your thumbs to push the shaft out of the gear assembly (equivalent to the
threaded screw of the puller) you have an idea of what is accomplished. Because the
horizontal reach of the puller fingers couldn't reach past the edges of the mounting
bracket to engage the top of the gearbox cover, a piece of metal was placed across the top
of the gearbox cover which bore on the cover while the fingers engaged the cross piece.
I wish I had a picture because a picture would be worth a million words.
Let me know how we are doing in this explanation.


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Sorry I don't quite get it.



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Eric: The link that I posted shows the puller with the jaws and puller bolt
pointed downward.
In the case of the shaft on the outhaul this was inverted so that the puller
bolt (in the center
of the puller) was impacting on the shaft from the bottom. He place a short
bolt in the
threaded hole in the bottom of the shaft (where the seal cover cup and bolt
was) to protect
the shaft and threads. The jaws of the puller were placed on a piece of
metal that passed
across the top of the gearbox in the window that is formed between the
bottom of the boom
and the top of the mounting bracket. Thus the pressure was on the shaft from
below and
the jaws were gripping on the top of the gearbox. I hope that makes sense.
In this case it
wasn't really a puller but rather a pusher or on the other hand you are
pulling the gearbox off
the shaft of the winch. I hope that helps.


Eric Asked:

" to what did the machinist attach the straight jaw puller ?"

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