Re: Sonic Speed transducer repair/replacement - how?

Jose Venegas

My sonic speed started acting up last season and I ordered the transducers from England.  Not cheap but they look like those from the user's manual left in Ipanema from its previous owners.  
As the boat went out, I was getting ready to change them but I noticed that there was fouling on the forward sensor and thought that cleaning it would take care of it.  Unfortunately, with my happiness, I did not tell the yard's employee that was doing the hull cleaning to be careful with the sensors and he managed to strip the rubber protection of the aft sensor.  I saw that but hoped that it had not damaged the sensor.  Sadly, my fears were confirmed 30 minutes after launching it, too late to go back.  After arriving back to Boston I followed the instructions of testing the system with the new sensors connecting them to a water-filled tube and the test was OK, So I am now forced to replace the sensors since I know is not the electronics.

Has anybody done it or seen it done?  Any suggestions about how to take to old sensors.  My boat is a 2000 vintage but likely built in 1999 and, because of the drawings on the user manual, I am almost sure it does not have the straight sensors mounted on tubes but I will check with france to be sure.

I know that the alternative option is to change it for a paddle one but I hope to avoid that given the great experience I had with the sensor since I bought her  7 years ago.
Thanks  in advance,

Jose Venegas
Ipanema SM200 278

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