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Patrick McAneny

Phillip, I am in the process of ascertaining what prop I want for my boat , Max ,Gori, Flexofold...positive and negatives to consider. I just want you to know that an Autoprop probably will not fit your boat. I also have a 94 and was going to purchase one , until Olivier emailed me that boats newer than mine was modified to accept the Autoprop.
Good Luck,

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Dear all very experienced Amel Owners,

I think about to buy a flexible propeller. 
Does anybody has a suggestion, which one is the most reliable for a SM from 1994. Is it EWOL, MaxProp or FlexProp?
EWOL sounds real good. I have seen on the website, that there was an installation on a Super Maramu - unfortunately without any description and details if it is a SM2000 or older.

Happy for all remarks.

Fair winds and always a handsome water under the keel.

Félicie SM124
La Rochelle

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