Deck hatches


Hi again, guess I’m wearing y’all out?!?!

I have leaking cabin top hatches and am trying to service them all. At least one is leaking between the frame and the deck, and one between the lens and the frame, so I planned to remove them all, replace the gaskets, re-seal the lenses, and reseat the hatches to the deck.

Oddly, there is a washer at each screw and bolt between the frame and deck. They are imbedded in adhesive. I can’t figure out why they are there.

I’m having a hell of a time removing the first one. The screws along the sides came out easily, but the two at each corner are fine-threaded bolts. They turned easily, but seem to be bedded in adhesive or what ever they are threaded into is turning, and won’t come up as they are turned. I’ve managed to get the forward ones out, but the aft ones by the hinge are proving more difficult. I’m using a putty knife and wooden wedges and can’t lift the aft end without removing the bolts. The upper part of the frame is glued to the flange of the lower part. I’m afraid I’ll bugger them up if I use my putty knife to separate them.

I assume they are bedded with sikaflex or 5200???

Also, in trying to remove the lid, I got the bolt acting as pivot on one end out easily, but the pin on the other end if the hinge isn’t budging. I’ve loosened the set screw. I assume it has to be knocked out with a stiff rod from the end where the bolt was removed from the hinge?

Does anyone have any tricks of the trade to getting them up?

Thanks for any help.

SM 243

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