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Or read his book:  An Inexplicable Attraction: My Fifty Years of Ocean Sailing


Best Regards Teun

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Thank you for the compliment. 

The gulf stream is such an odd thing with the eddies cold and hot and the eddies that are not on any chart far south of the stream.


If you really want to see a very incredible sailor take a look at my very good friend Eric Forsyth.

A CCA Blue Water Medal recipient.

He lives about 25 miles from me when he is not at sea.

He has now sailed 325,000 miles on his home made boat Fiona.

He just returned from a circumnavigation of the Atlantic at age 86.


Fair Winds





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It is a pleasure and of great value to have someone with your experience in our Group. I am sure that few people have encountered the Gulf Stream on north/south/north passages from NY to the Caribbean as many times as you have. Wow, over 40!


AND, what is even better is, you still want to know if there is more to know. How refreshing! 


Thanks for being you.




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Hi Kent,

I already have that, but I am looking for a more in depth analysis. I have been through the stream over 40 times and there always seems to be some odd currents quite south of the stream..

Fair Winds


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Hi Eric. You can get a good idea of where the stream is and eddies are on If you pay for the PredictWind package that includes current data you should get a more complete complete picture (I haven’t personally tried it).
StMichaels, MD


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