Wood trim around Vee berth windows


Here I am...again!
I’m going to wait on the cabintop hatches until I can get some help. Regluing the headliner seems like more than I want to tackle.

Sooo, I’m on to my next project. I want to remove and revarnish (I think it originally had a clear spar urethane, anyone know for sure?) all the wood trim around the hatches and port lites. It has held up well for nearly 20 years, but now the sun has taken it’s toll.

Jeez, nothing’s ever as easy as it seems it should be, is it?
Or is it just me? I guess it’d be easier if I knew how things were put together originally.

Started in the Vee berth, removed the small trim above and below the port lite. There are through bolts around the portlite and wood screws that go through the stainless trim outside and into the back (outboard) side of the larger panel around the portlite. I’ve removed them and the panel is still stuck fast around the portlite. Has anyone removed/revarnished these panels? Is there something else besides sealant holding them?

As usual, thank you for any insight, suggestions, duhs, or encouragement.

SM 243
St Michaels MD.

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