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Interesting, because I believe the Onan on SM #387 tilted slightly inboard. At least any spilled fluid would move inboard. This makes me wonder if maybe the pan might be slightly concave causing spills origination "inboard" to move inboard, and outboard spills to move outboard.

Where did you mount the level? 


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Hi All:

I don't know about you but one of the things that I believe Amel got wrong was the level of the shelf that the Onan Genset sits on.  It slants outboard and all the Amel SMs that I have visited share this same issue.  Thus any oil/fuel/water leaks or drainage flows outboard and usually aft where it pools and causes corrosion and a gooey mess.

 Working by myself, using lifting airbags, shims and 2x4 levers and blocking I was able to raise the genset about 5 inches with only removing the exhaust hose. I then  removed the outboard rubber shock mounts, install 3/4 inch HDPE (high density polyethylene) shims on the lower part of the out board shock mounts, and lower the 900 lb genset back down.  It was a big job and took me the better part of 3 days.  This gives me level 1/4 bubble of drainage inboard.  

Olivier Beaute, Bill Rouse or anyone else with knowledge on this;  is there a reason the genset doesn't sit level or lean slightly inboard for drainage?  Was this just an oversight by Amel?  By mostly leveling the genset is there anything from the engineering standpoint that I haven't considered that would be a problem?  If the boat should broach or roll, would the rubber shock/vibration mounts be strong enough to prevent the genset from breaking free of it's mounts?


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