Re: Shimming the Onan Genset Tray

amelliahona <no_reply@...>

Hi Bill:

I think this is a mounting problem with the glassed in shelf.  I used a torpedo level placed on the shelf showing 1/4th bubble outboard and that was matched with 1/4th bubble outboard on the athwart ship lip of the pan.  I shimmed with 0.72 inch shims to the two outboard mounts.  That just barely gave adequate grip length on the long leg screw from the bottom of the rubber mount.  This yielded 1/4th bubble inboard tilt of the tray.  I tested with some water poured on the tray outboard,  it ran off the bevel cut-off area at the front of the tray, dripped on the shelf and promptly ran outboard.  This confirmed to me that the shelf is slanting outboard, boat is level per the inclinometer at the helm.   I guess I will need to make a scupper for the tray corner to direct any drainage to a drip receptacle of some sort. 

Gary S. Silver
s/v Liahona
Amel SM 2000 # 335

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