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Good day to you
I went thru the same 3 years ago & can vouch for the fact that a self survey can be as effective than one conducted by a surveyor without experience on Amel boats. Check my earlier posts to avoid repeating my mistakes. Just remember that Maramu is a stiff  & strongly built boat, with oversized elements. Follow the Amel forum rule, do not change anything, better to repair as long as you figure out how.
Cheers & fair Winds
Christian Alby, Desirade VIII, Maramu 116. Canet en roussillon

Le ven., mai 25, 2018 à 4:03, Dwentworth dwentworth@... [amelyachtowners]
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Greetings and Salutations,

I am conducting a pre-purchase self survey of a 1986 Amel 46, hull number 188 as part of my consideration for purchase. I have been reading the historical posts on the Amel group and appreciate the storehouse of knowledge contained herein. I have sailed in the Pacific and South Pacific and have accrued 20,000 sea miles with five years as captain of my own boat. The Maramu will certainly be a tall step up in complexity from my previous Cascade 36. I am quite handy and capable around most systems found on boats and look forward to learning all the systems on this Amel. I do expect an initially steep learning curve. The boat I am looking at is presently in a very remote location in Panama or I woukd engage an experienced Amel surveyor. Any information or guidance from this group would be very welcomed.

Best Regards,

Dan Wentworth

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