Re: Bow Thruster Rusted Shut

Craig Briggs

Hi Steve,
Ah, the old stuck bow thruster problem. Keep at it - you're going in the right direction. Try putting a chain wrench around the motor base (where you removed the bolts) and apply lots of force, alternating clockwise and counter clockwise. You may even need to use an "old man" - a length of iron pipe - over the handle of the chain wrench to get more torque. Eventually you'll get it to budge a fraction - keep it up - back and forth -  and it'll come free. Any of the "magic" products like PB Blaster, etc. can't hurt and there's a "freezing spray" out there too.
Good luck with it,
Craig Briggs SN68 Sangaris, Ft Pierce, Fl

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I'm pretty sure my bow thruster is busted off because when I use it, All I get is a whirring sound. Got all the parts to do a service and the instructions. Fortified with all the web postings about doing so, I began my service. Now the four allen-head bolts are out of the motor housing that hold the shaft. The shaft will not budge. It's rusted in place. The four bolts were even a bit hard to remove and showed plenty of rust once out. I've been spraying the shaft and the holes with WD-40 for the last couple of days, but still no luck. 

Any advice from those who have done this service?

Steve Bode

SV Intention

'94 SM #117

Barcelona, Spain

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