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Derick Gates

I had my rig replaced by Caraibe Greement in Le Marin, Martinique, in January, 2017, using ACMO rigging that I had purchased and had sent to the Amel office in Le Marin. Gaetan Rivet runs the rigging shop there. Gaetan’s riggers measured the tension of each stay with an instrument that clamped onto the wires and tried to bend them. In that way they achieved the correct tension for each stay and the tension was properly balanced all around. Don’t ask me for the tension measurements - I don’t know what they were. I will not however that the new rigging was extremely tight, and that includes the mizzen back stays which were much tighter than I had ever had them before.

I returned to Le Marin in January 2018 and received the free “tuneup” that Gaetan had promised I could have when the rig was initially installed. In the intervening year the rig had stretched a few millimeters and was “too loose” according to Caraib Greement. They said this is normal, and they retightened the whole rig. They also said I should not expect any further stretching of the stays.

Perhaps Gaetan Rivet could be prevailed upon to reveal what tension he puts each stay under. I think that Amel might have this information at hand too.

Note that the length of each set of stays needs to be kept constant port vs starboard, not just the tension. Thus the set of turnbuckles on each side for a particular stay should look like they have the same number of turns on them as the tension is adjusted.

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