Dome light in aft lazarette needs replacing

Derick Gates SM2K #400 Brava

Hi all,

After five years of ownership, I just discovered that the aft lazarette has a dome light. How did I find it? I was cleaning out the lazarette at night and noticed a light was on.  Having discovered the dome light, I went to switch it off.  Instead, it just dimmed to about 1/3 the intensity.  I tapped on the dome a little too hard, and found that the glass of the dome was now in 3 pieces, but the light still would not turn off.  Switching off the aft lights on the 24 volt panel did cut the power to the dome light, but otherwise it looks like the switch in the dome light is faulty and needs replacing.

Does anyone know where to get these dome light fixtures?  

Derick Gates



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