Re: Wood trim around Vee berth windows


Here I am again, still trying to get the wood trim around the portlights off. I was able to remove the ones in the VeeBerth using a putty knife, hammer, screw drivers, filet knife, and flat pry bar. It’s a difficult job. All the bolts and screws holding the outside metal trim on have to be removed. That’s the easy part. There is a LOT of adhesive holding the wood panel to the cabin side above and below the windows.

Now I’m working in the saloon and after 3 hours have only gotten one panel about 1/4 freed.

Anyone have any ideas how to get these panels off? I think the adhesive is silicone sealant. Is there anything that could be dripped down between the wood and the cabin side(it’s adhered to the headliner material) that would soften the silicone?
Any other ideas?

SM 243

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