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Ryan Meador

Hi Bill,

Thanks for the info.  I really don't want to try to slack all my rigging and start from scratch.  I'm not sure I'm strong enough to get it back tight again, and I also don't trust that the mast won't fall over while it's loose.  I need to find a professional.  I haven't been able to find Olivier's rig tuning guide, unless it's the one I linked in my first post, but I don't think it is.

I did end up tightening my forestay to no avail.  In a windy rain storm late at night.  It changed the frequency of the pumping, but didn't eliminate it.  I'm not convinced it was necessary or even a good idea, since the mast did have a slight bend forward before I started tightening the backstay.  Also, now the forestay turnbuckle only has about one more turn of adjustment left in it before it bottoms out.

Ryan and Kelly
SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

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Some thoughts.  

I have never been able to tune a rig accurately “by ear”.  I always use a loos tension gauge, or the stretch method with the meter stick.  But... that only gets you so far.  

Taking the boat out sailing in a good breeze is a very important part of the process.  Skipping that step, out of economic requirements, is why so many “Professional” riggers come up short in tuning rigs, and not just Amels. 

Olivier has written an excellent summary on tuning that is here in the archives.  The is no reason you can’t slack all the rigging and start as if your mast was newly stepped.  

If your back stay was too loose, then your forestay must be too, assuming the mast is straight, since they pull in opposition to each other.

Bill Kinney
Sm160, Harmonie
Norfolk, VA, USA

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