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James Alton


   The wife of the previous owner of our boat had her wrist broken by the spinning mainsheet traveller handle.   I am not sure if a jibe was involved in the accident but the pin that locked the winch from turning released unexpectantly so was either not fully engaged or failed and her arm was in the way.    The handle for the mainsheet traveller winch on my boat is actually bolted to the winch so is not removable without a wrench.  I am thinking of upgrading  to the style used on the SM with the removable winch handle.  

   Some great discussion here.

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Thanks. I forgot to mention that. It could easily be a broken bone the speed the winch handle would go!


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That sounds like a good idea.

One build on that recco however, you either want to have removed the winch handle or make sure the area is well clear, as the winch will spin very fast as the traveller moves across.

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One minor point if you haven’t come across it. 
If your main sheet traveller is across when running (I assume we all do that) - if you know you are about to crash gybe, just lift the button on the Anderson winch traveller and put it across to the other side. The boom will take the car with it, but it slows the gybe as the ropes, pulleys and winch partially absorb the shock, and puts less strain on the whole system.


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