Re: Slowing down in increasing winds


.......and talking of snagging something, how many times has your main sheet got caught around that knob near the centerline that latches the windscreen shut?

Errrr... Never!  Not once in 20,000 miles. I am not sure how that could even happen.  

In a tack the mainsheet is tight at the beginning middle and end.  During a gybe, the mainsheet is tightened and the traveler moved before the stern is turned through the wind.  Other than an accidental gybe, when would you ever let the boom move across with a slack mainsheet?  

Even in an accidental gybe, the wind is from aft and the traveler off to what was the leeward side, there is STILL no way for the sheet to snag that knob.  

Maybe you just don't use the traveler as you should?

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Norfolk, VA, USA

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