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   Mark is giving you good advice, go slow and have patience.  My bow thruster was stuck as well but after a couple days of spraying penetrants in the holes and lots of gentle tapping it came out.  I used a raw hide mallet to do the tapping to prevent damage but a block of wood and a steel hammer should work as well.  I think that taps from each side alternating helps to loosen the joint between the motor and the shaft.  If you search on this subject there have been a lot other owners that were able to remove bow thrusters that were stuck.

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Using the special Amel tool, the removal process can take several days. Tighten the tool, spray penetrating oil, repeat. 



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Complete Fail.

I tried everything, but that shaft is not coming out. Ever. I was super clamped on with the custom tool that I had made. Can't say how much force was on that thing, but it was enough to make it impossible to turn those four bolts. Best I can think of is that the spindled shaft inside has fused to the receiver. I'll have to dive the prop to replace. "Changing prop while boat is in the water" is off the table. Going to have to cut that shaft if I ever want it to come out, I'm afraid. Open to all ideas...

-Capt Bode


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