Re: Bow Thruster Rusted Shut


When we had our main drive motor rebuilt, we were told by company that did the work that about the only thing that kills these motors is if the splined shaft wears out or is otherwise damaged.  As far as I know these motors are now irreplaceable (if somebody know otherwise, please speak up!).

In short, you will HAVE to get the shaft out of the motor.  Work really long and really hard at it.  DO not cut the shaft.  That will cause a cascade of issues that will be really hard to put right.  Remember, the shaft is a carbon fiber tube, with a steel drive shaft inside.  I can not think of a way to put it back together so it will work as it should.

This will be really hard, but worth taking all the advice available on the forum and trying ALL of it.  When you DO get it apart, you will understand why the maintenance schedule is to drop this at least every two years and apply a good waterproof grease to the splines.  

If properly maintained, this won't ever be a problem again.  After reading so many horror stories on here about this issue, I was dreading my first bow thruster maintenance. Harmonie's previous owner did such a good job maintaining things, when I took out the last of the four bolts, the drive unit fell out of the motor all by itself with only gravity pulling.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Deltaville, VA, USA

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Complete Fail.
I tried everything, but that shaft is not coming out. Ever. I was super clamped on with the custom tool that I had made. Can't say how much force was on that thing, but it was enough to make it impossible to turn those four bolts. Best I can think of is that the spindled shaft inside has fused to the receiver. I'll have to dive the prop to replace. "Changing prop while boat is in the water" is off the table. Going to have to cut that shaft if I ever want it to come out, I'm afraid. Open to all ideas...
-Capt Bode

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