Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] SM 2000 hull 283 delamination on deck


Hi Alin and Amel Owners

Just to clarify for other Amel Yacht Owners.  We are selling Wanderer after six great years of proud ownership in NZ.  When the sale goes through we plan to buy an Amel boat in the Mediterranean so we can spend six months each year in NZ then up to six months in the med live on board.  We don't have the appetite to face the challenge of sailing from NZ to Europe.

Alin's surveyor did the woodpecker thing with his light hammer on the deck and marked what he suspected could possibly be small localised areas of delamination requiring further investigation.   The underwater hull all "tapped out" OK.  :)-  and Wanderer otherwise has a clean bill of health.

The Surveyor lost a bit of credibility with me when he commented on "water ingress in the rudder"  (it's hollow by design) and his verbal recommendation to "drop off" the keel so he could check the mild steel attachment bolts.  (They are stainless steel and its not recommended to drop off the keel for inspection).

I'll get a photo of the localised crazing / hair line cracks aft of the lazarette hatch on the starboard side.  (When I tap this area now  I can't hear the difference but maybe I need 20 years of experience).   In any case, the crazing / cracks will be repaired.  The concern is about the risk of trapping in water and how to get the best finish - it look like a simple paint job but matching the faux teak surface and the painted strips in between might be a challenge.

There might already be a thread regarding crazing cracks on the faux teak strips?

Thank you in advance.

John and Mali Morton

Wanderer  ASM283

Auckland NZ

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