Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] SM 2000 hull 283 delamination on deck


Hi Joel

Thank you for your prompt reply and guidance.

There are very few Amels in NZ. I don't think the Surveyor had ever seen an Amel before.......

In this case, I've learnt that it's a bit more complex than a normal condition survey at time of purchase because Alin has in mind possibly taking out paying customers for sailing / diving trips. This means that Wanderer will need to be put "in survey" to the satisfaction of the relevant NZ agency. This is a very rigorous process - any boat going "into survey" must meet the current NZ requirements for design, construction, electrical wiring regulations etc as if the boat is a newly built NZ boat.   Hence there are "norms" such as design checks and approval and dropping down the keel for inspection of the bolts for survey as well as probably pulling out the prop shaft to check condition. All easy to do if the boat is under construction in NZ.  :)-    There is a process for applying for exemptions to these "in survey" requirements.

Fortunately the Electrical Inspector and the Surveyor were impressed with the design, overall quality, fit out, and condition. Good documentation (manuals and the standard drawings / plans) are a big plus for their design checks and their approval for "in survey".

It seems the Surveyor is happy - the results of his  "deck tapping" seems to be advisory only, not a requirement for putting Wanderer "in survey" as a requirement for use for commercial reward.

As there seems to be no history of deck de-lamination issues with Amels, this may be prove to be a red herring, the local Surveyor mentioned possible minor air gap voids at time of construction?    

Perhaps all Amel decks respond with the same beautiful tapping sounds (music to my ears) depending on the location of supports / iron wood / balsa and changes (by design) in materials and thicknesses.

Best Regards

John Morton

Amel Super Maramu #283

Auckland, New Zealand.

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