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Good points.


This "ground issue" gets very confusing to most people. Let me add to the confusion, or maybe add some be the judge:
  • The Amel Bonding System is NOT a GROUND.
  • Amel did not connect any electronic ground posts to the Amel Bonding system.
  • Further confusing the issue, Pouchon (Amel's electronics subcontractor) on some Amels connected a yellow/green wire to the ground terminal on some instruments, but terminated the other end without connection to anything. I have known some owners and some "expert" technicians to connect this yellow/green wire to the Amel Bonding System.
  • Raymarine has no idea what an Amel Bonding System is and really never defines "Ground" in any manual I have.
  • As someone who at a very young age (vacuum tube) built electronic radios, stereos, etc., I would connect the cases ("ground") of components together to reduce RFI.
  • I have no idea what Raymarine wishes to accomplish, but I assume that since they have to write manuals that are universal, they don't want a customer service issue for RFI. I have seen some RFI Floating Platforms disguised as cruising boats and when anchored nearby have been affected by the RFI they broadcast. I assume Raymarine develops an installation manual that reduces customer service issues from even these RFI floating platforms.
I hope the above helps more than it hurts...if not, maybe it was entertaining.


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Herbert and Alan

Thank you, I will start by not connecting the shield then if I run into problem I know where to start digging
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259

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