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Patrick McAneny

Bill, I have been trying to see a photo of the galley area on another SM of my vintage,no luck. I think cannot find the power source and think I will just replace the switch and solenoid with 24v . Getting the right thread size may be a problem.

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I believe your SM was modified. Other SMs the same vintage that I have seen had a manual valve. 


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Kent, The solenoid is stamped 12v, originally I assumed it was 24v. I bought a more expensive tracer , but I can not get it to beep running the sensor all around the wires coming up into the compartment above the galley. I really wish all the wiring had been labeled. Is there a central point where 12v equipment is powered, like a buss bar somewhere. 
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Do you have power at the breaker on the 24v panel?  On Kristy the solenoid is 24v.

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I am not getting any power to my propane switch. I bought a wire tracer and cannot trace the wire. The solenoid is 12v . Does anyone know where the 12v power source would originate? I could not find a 12v buss bar .. The solenoid works , I jumped it across the starter battery , with a meter I cannot find any voltage at the switch. It could be as simple as a blown fuse.
Pat SM#123

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