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Hi Bill, I repowered 4 1/2 years ago replaced Volvo TMD22 78 HP with Yanmar 4JH4HTE 110HP (the 4JH3 100HP was replaced by the 4JH4).  The new engine dropped right in, required new mounting holes in the angle-iron engine bed,  and needed risers between the angle iron and the engine to fit well.  The forward risers were ~2” high and the aft ones ~4”.  The vertical side of the inboard angle iron had to be cut to fit around the oil filter.
I still have the original transmission.  Amel apparently beefed up the drive train sometime before SM243, they said that I could use the same transmission and that the  C drive is beefy enough for the 110.

The raw water pump and starter are on the outboard side and difficult but not impossible to get to.  I’m considering a separate raw water pump in the intake line so that the impeller can be changed quickly if necessary.

I am using the same MaxProp I had with the old Volvo, repitched for the Yanmar.  I cruise at 6 kts at 2200rpm.  Plenty of power to spare!  I haven’t run it long enough to have an accurate idea of efficiency, but it seems I burn just a little more with the Yanmar.

Sound and vibration are less with the new engine, presumably because the old engine mounts were on their last legs.  Yamaha said you need to use Yamaha engine mounts or the warranty is void.  I installed the new mounts one at a time using the old mounts and angle iron frame to get them mounted in the right place.  It was a good fit and not difficult.

I love Yanni Yamaha Sr, wouldn’t go back to Victor Volvo for any amount of money.  For what it’s worth, I traded in Harry Honda 4-stroke outboard for Yanni Yamaha Jr 2-stroke at about the same time and love how he cranks first pull every time for 4+ years now.

Hope that helps, ask if you need to know something else.

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy
SM 243
karkauai at
USA 8282346819

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A few questions for those of you who have repowered a Super Maramu—especially those who swapped out a Volvo TMD22.

What new engine did you use?
Did you use the same Hurth 250 transmission?
Are you happy with the new installation?
Where there any serious issues or complications?
Approximate cost?

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Central Chesapeake Bay, USA

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