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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi again Bill,

two more things. I contacted Amel for advice and they told me not to go for the higher hp 110 hp motor as the c drive was not designed for that power and it would fail. Later models had a beefed up c drive that could handle the extra power and since at 160 you are earlier than our 299 I would expect the same to apply to you. I made the fit of the new engine to the existing Hurth gearbox a condition of the purchase, ie if it didn't fit they supplied the new gearbox to me at no cost. That made them sweat, a bit different from an off hand "oh yes it should fit". In the event it was no issue, a perfect fit. And yes, there is no smoke.



SM 299 

Ocean Pearl

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A few questions for those of you who have repowered a Super Maramu—especially those who swapped out a Volvo TMD22.

What new engine did you use?
Did you use the same Hurth 250 transmission?
Are you happy with the new installation?
Where there any serious issues or complications?
Approximate cost?

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Central Chesapeake Bay, USA



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