Re: Bow Thruster Rusted Shut

Steven Bode - SV Intention 1994-SM#117

Chris n Jaygo, you were right. I had a tool made base on the picture Mark Erdos shared the link for. Still it took over five hours of work to get that out after days for soaking. Unfortunately, I could not find the penetrating fluid mentioned by Ryan Meador or Dennis Johns, but it soaked in WD-40 for days. This is my second successful use of WD-40 as a penetrating fluid. Anyway, it was super hard, time consuming and frustrating! Had to keep wiping the tube down with Acetone to clean the lube off before fitting the collar, otherwise, it would just slip down the tube. In the end, it was the hammering on the collar once attached that got it going. 

Folks that have not serviced their bow thruster by removing the tube from the motor and think that it may be rusted up: word up -- it could be in there solid and it's going to be a big job getting it out.

1. Have someone make this tool. Make sure that the fit is precise (60mm) because you are going to end up banging on that collar with some force and if the tool does not fit perfectly, you might crack the tube. I emailed Amel and they said that they do NOT have this tool.
2. Go get yourself the best penetrating penetrating known to man.
3. Plan on several days to more than a week of soaking with penetrating fluid. 
4. Get a good hammer and a huge punch. I used the socket on a long extension and put it on the bolt of the collar and wailed away. I think that was what ultimately broke it free initially. Lateral force. Then banging down on the collar.
5. Once you get some movement, add more penetrating fluid and give it another couple of days.

I'll put this all together in a video once I'm finished with this project on

Steve Bode
SV Intention
Port Ginesta, Spain

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