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Ryan Meador

Thank you.  I have noted the whistle, but didn't know what caused it.  I wonder if the previous owner told me about the water squirting when I bought the boat and I forgot over the winter.  There's no way I wouldn't have noticed last year.  I still haven't gotten off the dock this spring, and the weather this week looks like next weekend will be the first chance...

Ryan and Kelly
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Ryan and Kelly,


This is perfectly normal. The sound should make you happy as it means sea-water is flowing through the engine and out the exhaust. The vented loop is mounted with a hollow bolt and no valve. Some systems opt to install a valve but it is just another thing that can go wrong. Simple is best.


As an FYI, this bolt will also whistle. It you are at a calm anchorage and the boat rocks a little, air can be forced back up the exhaust at the water line and every once in a while the hole will whistle. This drove me crazy for a while. It can be stopped by stuffing a rag into the scupper by the vented loop air exit (and putting a note on the engine control panel to remind you of the rag).



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Hi all,


When I started my engine (a TMD22) this morning, I heard the sound of water running down the cockpit scuppers.  The vented loop right under the engine room hatch discharges into the trough at the aft end of the cockpit, and apparently it has decided to start squirting water (photo attached).  At idle, it is a squirt every few seconds.  At 2000rpm, it's a steady stream.  The amount of water coming out the exhaust at the waterline looks normal, and the engine temperature also appears normal.  Without disassembly, I don't see any obvious sign of a valve in the vented loop, and the water isn't coming from what I presume is the vent at the top, it's coming through what I thought was the mounting bolt.  I seem to recall seeing a thread about this before, but I can't find it searching on the Yahoo group.  Even just learning the proper name for this thing would probably help.  What should I check out?



Ryan and Kelly

SM 233 Iteration

Boston, MA, USA



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