drainage of space under pass-through sole

Ryan Meador

Hi all,

I was poking around in my bilge last night and noticed something curious.  In the aft cabin, that low area of sole just aft of the pass-through has a hole that drains into the bilge just outside the head.  This made me wonder where (and if) the pass-through floor drains to.  There must be space under there where condensation can collect.  Likewise, I see no drain hole for the low area of the saloon sole just forward of the pass-through.  Is this all sealed-off space?

I also have a vague memory of seeing a SM with a drain in this low area for draining your wet foul weather gear, but I'm not sure if I imagined that.  It seems like a good idea.

Ryan and Kelly
SM 233 Iteration
Boston, MA, USA

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