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We like more October dates.


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To date ,12 boats have expressed interest in coming to the rendezvous as well as a couple planning on an Amel in the future and Joel. Diane and I have looked at when people are available to attend, and I have a couple of suggestions of possible dates.  I would rather have the decision be made by the attendees, so I am going to suggest two dates and would like for attendees to email me back direct asap the date they would prefer, and majority will rule. 

Later in the summer looks best. 

Option one :  Would be the third week in August , the weekend before Labor Day weekend, Friday 24,25 &26th

Option two: Have it quite later, in early Oct. on  Monday Oct. 1st , 2nd and 3rd, then for those interested in attending the Annapolis Boat Show, we could have a rally departing Thursday sailing over to Annapolis, the show is from Thursday thru Monday (Oct 4-8)

These appear to be the best two options, so would you email me and let me know your preference. Anyone out there that is interested in attending and has not emailed me yet please do, the more the merrier.


Pat & Diane

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