Can 220 Voltage Boat Plug Into a 115 Volt 30 Amp Shore Power


I've just arrived in Fort Lauderdale (after sailing through Albert) and an staying in the Bahia Mar Marina which is a about $100 per day.  I intend to sell Pacific Cool and want to move to one of the private docks that rent for about $650 per month.  My boat is a 220 voltage boat built for a French owner and then bought by me.  But I've never been in the US with hr as I was sailing around the world as soon as I bought her.

I have found a dock that has only 115 regular  house voltage.  The owner tells me that in the past all of the 220 volt boats were able to plug in.  Does anyone know what might happen if I plug into the 115 power outlet?  I have 8 brand new Lifeline AGM batteries and would hate to do something bad to them.  I may be able to use my 370 watts of solar panels and a wind generator to charge the batteries, but that won't allow any AC power on the boat.  I'll turn off all my 24 volt equipment tomorrow and see if there's enough juice to just charge the batteries.  But I'd prefer to have AC power as well.  

Any help appreciated.  My boat is from 1995 and is a 53 foot Super Maramu with a 80 Amp Victron Battery Charger and D400 wind generator with 370 watts of solar panels. 

Bill Shaproski  

S/V Pacific Cool

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