Re: Can 220 Voltage Boat Plug Into a 115 Volt 30 Amp Shore Power


If your battery chargers can accept 120V/60Hz, and assuming you wire the connection correctly, you could plug in.  For example, we have Mastervolt battery chargers which are able to use 120V/60Hz.

Assuming you don't have a 120V/60Hz to 230V/50Hz transformer on board, then the dishwasher, washer, microwave, air conditioning, anything you plug into the outlets, etc., will die promptly if you turn them on while plugged to 120V/60Hz.

Bottom line, even if you are able to plug into 120V/60Hz, make sure you turn off all breakers other than the battery charger.

Also, even if you get one of those expensive "Y" connectors that plug into two 120V outlets to make 240V, remember, the "Y" connector will still pass thru 60Hz, which your battery charger may (or may not) take, but which will kill all other devices except the Climma A/C, and even those will suffer with shortened-life capacitors.


SM2K N. 350 (2002)

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