Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Climma Compact 9EH Troubleshooting tips?

Thomas Peacock

We had an identical problem with our main cabin unit. We trouble-shot it and decided on a bad relay. We ordered a replacement from a reputable US dealer. However, same problem. We the called in a pro. He diagnosed it as a bad relay. Seems the replacement relay was also defective. A second new relay fixed the problem. With some luck you won’t need a new compressor. 
Tom Peacock
SM 240, Aletes
Rock Hall, Maryland. 

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My aft cabin air conditioner is not working.  Last winter the heating element wasn't working and replacing the capacitors solved the problem.

Now the air conditioning doesn't work.  I double checked the capacitors, and they are all in spec.

When I turn on the unit with the temperature setting all the way to cold, after the timer has counted down, the fan comes on, and there is an audible click.  There was an odd sound from the compressor, almost like a shudder.  The fan continues to run, but does not cool the air. 

The Troubleshooting manual says it's either the Power Relay, or the Compressor is broke.  I suppose it could also be the thermostat.

Does anyone have any tips on diagnosing these issues?  Is the Power Relay the clear plastic boxes in the box with the capacitors?  I'm wondering if I can swap out the "K1 Power Relay" with one of the other AC's to check?

If you replaced the unit, what brand/model did you get?

Thanks in advance,


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