Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Slowing down in increasing winds

Colin - ex SV Island Pearl

We just did the Chagos to Rodrigues leg of South Indian Ocean passage, with 5 of 9 days in sustained 35 kts with lots of 40+kts and the wind speed pegged on max over 50kts on occasions.

The seas started at 3.5m swells but were well over 5m for two days and a very angry and unpredictable 6m or more at the peak for approx 24 hrs.

I can report rhat the SM handled this with ease. We had fortunately anticipated this, and hence made our southing from Chagos early in 25-30kts (ie upwind sailing), so by the time we hit the strong 35+ winds and big seas, we could bear off to a point where the wind was just behind the beam, making things far easier running down waves which would be near impossible to go upwind and over without launching into mid air and slamming down.

Whilst it was wild and sometimes white out conditions, never did we feel unsafe, and with mostly just a very small amount of all 3 sails out, the boat stayed in control at all times, and mainly under 7kts speed without any need for a drougue.

Hope we have no more 50+ kts on the balance of our Indian Ocean crossing, but it sure is nice to know and experience the amazing capability of these Amels when one is thousands of miles from anywhere.

Colin Streeter
SV Island Pearl II
SM #332, Rodrigues

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The mizzen boom on my boat most certainly can hit the twin backstays. I just went on deck to confirm.

The Main boon can hit the main mast back stay, but only IF the permanent fixed vang was not installed.

Hope that makes it clear..

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Annapolis, MD, USA

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