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Hi Bill. The stanchions fasteners are threaded into a mild steel  flat  bar  stock that is laminated into the fiberglass on the inside of the bulwark. The receiver bar stock has been properly tapped and threaded to secure the fasteners. When you refasten it, be sure not to spare the Ultra Tef-Gel anti-seize. You may need an impact screwdriver to get the fasteners loose if they have not been removed and new anti-seize installed in the last 10 years or so.


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I have a 1995 Super Maramu and I need to remove one of the stanchions near the back of the boat. The stanchion has a bracket welded to the bottom which attaches to the deck by a horizontal and a vertical bolt.  I cannot reach underside of the bolts to determine if there is a nut or they are screwed into some kind of heli-coil.  If it's a heli-coil I can theoretically remove the bolts and then reinstall them assuming the heli-coil is still in place.  Does anyone know how these bolts are attached and/or has anyone removed them to remove a stanchion.  I need to remove it to weld a crack in the base. 


Bill Shaproski

S/V Pacific Cool

Currently in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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