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The prop zinc for a MaxProp has very narrow bridges of zinc around the bolts.  When they go the rest of the zinc will fall off. I paint those bridges with an enamel paint and they last five times as long. The original zincs on my rudder were 5 inches in diameter, I am now using 7 inch diameter zincs from Camp.  My hull potential is better, and they last much longer.

A diver turned me onto Camp zincs when I had the problem with electrolysis of my prop shaft. You may have noticed that the Martyr zincs from West Marine erode unevenly, with big pits in some places and little eroded in others. Apparently this is due to inadequate mixing of the alloy. Camp sinks erode much more evenly.

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy

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Hi ASteve,

Looks like you have a 3 blade maxprop...

This link should help you decide what you think you need...and you can probably get it cheaper from somewhere else.

I'm confused by what you mean by the "plate" zinc....are you talking about the rectangular plate on the side of the rudder?..if so that's not a zinc, its the ground plate for the SSB radio.

If your rudder zincs are fine, but the prop zinc isn't you may have a bonding issue...the rudder zincs should be fact you shouldn't need the prop zinc if your bonding system is all good.

Elyse SM437 Musket Cove, Fiji

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