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Patrick McAneny

Mark, Its not bad ,all the holes are clear, but thought it might clean out stuff from between the tubes. So 4 hrs. and then flush with water to rid the acid. Do you know if it can be used on the fresh water side to clean out rust and small deposits.

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Hi Pat,
BB will take at least four hours on a mild job. If your heat exchanger is blocked and has a lot of growth, I would suggest taking it to a radiator shop. They will do it for the price of a gal of BB. It should be clean throughout and shiny before you put it back on.
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I have never used anything like Barnacle Buster and have a question. I took out my heat exchanger and I understand that I can soak it to clean it , but how long? Another question is that the interior surfaces of the fresh water side looks pretty bad . Can I run B/B through my fresh water side to clean it out , if not is there something else to clean out the fresh water side.

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