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I haven't replaced the bushing, but I recently disassembled the whole
system to find a squeak and related friction in my steering that
occured mid-passage and burned up my autopilot computer. There are 3
bushings all together. I am planning to have new ones made when we
arrive in New Zealand and have the shaft machined smooth. We are in
Avatiu Harbor in Rarotonga, Cook Islands and I didn't want to chance
having parts still scattered all over town when we're ready to
leave. The disassembly is a bit tedius, but not difficult. The only
tool I needed to track down was a pair of split ring pliers. There
are two split rings that hold the assemply together, the rest is
screws, nuts and the master links in the chains. The problem we
have is friction rather than wobble. The only play we had in the
system was at the chain sprockets and I was able to take that out by
tightening the set screw. I did half of the work from the cockpit
through the compass hole and the other half from the galley.

Alan, SV Charisma
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Hi David,

I have not. But I would be very interested in hearing the how you
with the problem, the repair etc.

Good luck,

"SHEILA", Sharki #142
Kingston, Ont. Can

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I wonder whether anyone can help me with a Sharki question. I
that play has become very apparent in the bearing behind the
wheel and ahead of the steering rack. I imagine this is due to
years of
coping with the quite violent movements made by the Neco autopilot.
this bearing easily accessed? is it easily replaced? I imagine it
to be
nylon but have no information, has anyone tackled this job?
Thanks David Worthington
Sharki 148

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