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You suggested this product to re-seal the freezers. It comes in 17 feet rolls. Was this enough to do both units under the seats?


When we re-did our under-seat fridge gaskets, we used a product from MD Building, #1025, D-profile, 5/16 x 23/64.  We got it from Amazon.


It is important to note that with gaskets like this, there is a maximum specified compression that needs to be adhered to for best sealing and longest life.  If the gasket is over-compressed it might seem to seal better at first, but it quickly takes on a permanent "set" and is then no longer flexible enough to make a good seal.  For most hollow rubber gaskets, such as this this, maximum compression is 25% of the uncompressed thickness.  

I have installed shims that take the weight of the lid so the gaskets do not get squeezed too much.


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