Re: Capacitors for 160 AC Dessalator

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Bob & Suzzane:

These capacitors should be 30 uf (micro farad) 450 volt AC capacitors with a stud at the top for mounting and wiring via pigtails.  You can purchase them here:

Very reasonable price.  Capacitors are usually specified at twice the operating voltage as the device, hence the 450 VAC rating. 

The stud is for mounting only and is not part of the electrical connection.  Only the pig-tail wiring is part of the electrical connection.  

As capacitors fail the motor doesn't run as efficiently and runs at a higher temperature.  Bill Rouse told me his high pressure pump would run at 235 def F under load while mine ran at 197 deg F right after I replaced the capacitors.  I wish I would have measured the temp with the IR thermometer prior to changing the capacitors to see what effect it had.  Perhaps you could do that for the group and measure the operating temp of the motor (just point your IR thermometer at the cooling fin area of the motor) before and after you change your capacitors. 

All the best, 

Gary S. Silver
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