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Thanks for your reply, Paul, and sorry for my delay in responding but I have been travelling.

Just one question.  I heard that the Raymarine instruments and the B & G instruments need different diameter holes.  Did you need to install a board of some kind to mount the new instruments at the helm?

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The depth and speed transducer was installed by the yard, but I have done it before with a high quality hole saw it should be no problem. The mast was down so easy to pull out the old unit and at the same time pull a mono filament line all the way to pull the new cable. we then pulled all the three transducer cables to the instruments above the pentry space, but if I did it again I would probably buy an ITC5 box and connect all transducers at the base of the mast and only pull a NMEA backbone cable to the instruments, one cable instead of three. The it was very easy install and connect the instruments. >>The new electronics for the Autopilot needs the new rudder indicator transducer, I kept the old one for the old system and installed the new one it was a little bit tricky, I can send you a picture if you want se how I did it.
Else it was rather easy installation after ripping out and rearrange most cables in the space were the rotary drive is. >>I had problem to find space for both the old and the new electronics for the autopilot.
the EV1 unit we placed in the cupboard beside the starboard sofa.

The cost for the Instrument with thre displays was ca 1300 USD at Annapolis boat show last Oktober. we bought from THE GPS store and we did not need to pay any tax.

We the added three more instruments. close hauled, and two I 70 displays one in the cockpit for navigation data to be able to utilize the full screen for charts on the chart plotter and one i 70 display at the nav table.
the instruments are just  north of 400  each, the close hauled we found a good price at
the full cost including the new AP electronics was ca 5000$

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