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I would suggest using a bucket and a pump to circulate a flushing agent through the engine for a couple of hours. You can use any automotive radiator flushing agent to clean the coolant side of the engine. You will need to drain all the coolant and remove the impeller. Make a loop from the water intake to the water exit (at the exhaust elbow) to circulate the fluids. When done, add new coolant and replace the impeller.


If your engine is running hot or hotter than normal it is probably not the coolant side that needs help. You will most likely find your heat exchanger or after cooler (if you have a turbo) is starting to clog on the seawater side. This is the most common cause of a marine engine running hot.



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I'm looking for some advice on how to flush the raw water system on my Volvo D3-110i-C. I know it has debris/salt etc. build up because I can feel it crunching in the rubber hose when I squeeze it, and also the engine which normally runs a 78°C at 1250rpm is now running at 83°C or higher.


Any advice would be much appreciated.




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