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Sorry, I misread your post. You did say raw-water side.


The best way to clean the raw water side is to remove the heat exchanger and after cooler from the engine. Either take them to a radiator shop or put them in a bucket with a phosphoric acid solution.


I think I would replace “crunchy” hoses. Else, the inside of hoses can be cleaned with a pressure washer.


Also check the exhaust elbow for any holes or blockage. Any side of salt on the outside of the elbow indicates a pin size hole and needs to be addressed.


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I'm looking for some advice on how to flush the raw water system on my Volvo D3-110i-C. I know it has debris/salt etc. build up because I can feel it crunching in the rubber hose when I squeeze it, and also the engine which normally runs a 78°C at 1250rpm is now running at 83°C or higher.


Any advice would be much appreciated.




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