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This is exactly what Barnacle Buster is supposed to help with. I have used it once a year since I bought the boat as directed, and all lines, etc appear to be completely free of scale or buildup.

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Hi Paul;
In order to get Kokomo ready for the winter, we flush out all of her raw water systems with fresh water for about 15 minutes. We accomplish this by turning off the main thru hull valve, removing the raw water strainer cover and supplying the systems with a fresh water hose. We turn on each system one by one, from the anchor wash, refrigerators, A/C, generator and finally the main engine. We are able to keep up with the water demand on all systems with a single 3/4" hose, except the main engine which we need two hoses for. We leave the raw water main valve closed for the winter.
This may not help in your situation if you have existing buildup, but I would assume that since recirculation of an agent like barnacle buster or saltaway may prove challenging, you would have to leave some kind of product within the system for some time to dislodge the buildup and then flush out. Off course some the dislodged items may create issues else where. Have you inspected your heat exchanger on the Volvo for buildup? This may explain some of your temperature rise.
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I'm looking for some advice on how to flush the raw water system on my Volvo D3-110i-C. I know it has debris/salt etc. build up because I can feel it crunching in the rubber hose when I squeeze it, and also the engine which normally runs a 78°C at 1250rpm is now running at 83°C or higher.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

Ya Fohi - Amrl 54 #98

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