Re: Shore Side Circuit Breaker Tripping When Plugging in Boat

Aras Grinius <n33077@...>

I've been having the same problem, however I use a YC-230 to combine voltage of 2 30 amp /120V to give give me 220V.  What I originally thought was that my batt charger failed.   
It tuned out I had a couple of issues: master breaker failed as did the alternator.   To get the engine panel working I had to excite the alternator to 1200 RPM's then it would begin to charge.  The master breaker being 30 years old will not stay closed. I ordered a new from Maude.  Right now, I'm putting everything back together and shall see if it is fixed.   What is strange is how everything failed seemingly at once.

Sharki #163

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