IMPORTANT - Dessalator JIC Flare fittings on High Pressure Hoses + More



Please read all of this.

Just when I was fairly confident that I knew all I needed to know about changing/servicing Dessalator Membranes, I learned something new from Dessalator, France.

As you know, the Dessalator High Pressure Hoses connect to the High Pressure Pump, Control Panel, and Membranes utilizing a stainless steel JIC Flare fitting. A JIC fitting is widely used in many industries for connections of fluid-carrying hoses at high pressure. JIC fitting connections have matched 37-degree flare seating surfaces. I have always believed that JIC seals metal-to-metal. I was wrong in terms of Dessalator.

Dessalator notified me yesterday to use Loctite 542 on the "flare part only" of all JIC fittings. I have modified the appropriate page(s) in my Amel School Book for all my clients. I normally do not share contents of the Amel School Book with anyone other than my clients, but I believe it is important to notify all of you.

I hope that this will help you.

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