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Craig Briggs

Bill and All,

Yes, do use a sealant on JIC fittings. Perhaps a typo in BebeBill's post, but Henkel, the manufactured of Loctite, does not recommend Loctite 542 for this, They recommend Loctite 5452 and state it should be applied to both the male face of the JIC fitting and to the threads (for vibration resistance). See their data sheet for more info at

Another option, perhaps easier to use, is the Flaretite Seal, which is a thin 304 stainless seal with Loctite baked on. Just insert it over the JIC and connect.  And, of course, other brands are out there.

Cheers,  Craig Briggs, SN68 Sangaris

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Please read all of this.

Just when I was fairly confident that I knew all I needed to know about changing/servicing Dessalator Membranes, I learned something new from Dessalator, France.

As you know, the Dessalator High Pressure Hoses connect to the High Pressure Pump, Control Panel, and Membranes utilizing a stainless steel JIC Flare fitting. A JIC fitting is widely used in many industries for connections of fluid-carrying hoses at high pressure. JIC fitting connections have matched 37-degree flare seating surfaces. I have always believed that JIC seals metal-to-metal. I was wrong in terms of Dessalator.

Dessalator notified me yesterday to use Loctite 542 on the "flare part only" of all JIC fittings....(non-relevant text deleted).

Best, Bill Rouse


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