Re: tap valve cartridges for Maramu 46 galley taps


replaced all 3 in Canet at 'Plomberie du Littoral (small retailer)
brought part & checked in Template they use for identification of threads
part called 'tête universelle de robinet 18;150'
unit price 4.64 euros (total 3 pces 16.70 including VAT)
try Amazone for supply
otherwise a quick trip to France or french islands in Caribeans; go to to small retailers for plumbers & bring one sample Cartridge with you to check & confirm threads with replacement.

would gladly buy & send to you but check cost of freight by UPS or equivalent before ...

good Hunting

christian alby - Désirade VIII Maramu 116 - now in Canet en Roussillon 

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