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good day
have Iridium Go with external antenna on board since July last year - use North Atlantic, africa, carribean, northern Europe
took a while to get used to the system & appreciate its limitations but
Web Weather reports (gribs) - very good as long as sticking to Squid & Predict Wind, & keeping infos to bare minimum slection (zone, parameters Wind, waves …)
Web emails Out - good ttansfer speed as long as messages sent are short & attachment (pics) not too heavy - note : poor quality when received by destinee
Web emails In - good transfer speed as long as they are kept short; inform senders to avoid sending attachments (Big mails take ages to load all bits & Mbits blocking all traffic)
Web sites - poor & limited to few sites allowing compressed pages 
Web social - Facebook & Twitter work … but limited on attachments like movies & pics (takes awhile sitting in front of PC to keep an eye on connection & revive whe going dead).
Phone voice - works well but use only for emergencies (conversations by receiver can be garbled); usefull as saety support in case of accident (link with doctors);
Phone sms - works well 
Satellites - Need 4 bars to get connection; useless otherwise 
Cost - expensive, but price to pay for updated weather report 'when & how needed'. Good support for safety (health, accident treatment.
Crew - helps crew morals when in the middle of the ocean, beating upwind for the last 10 days in transverse seas & 35 kn winds … Call mummy !
good comms 

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Le ‎vendredi‎ ‎22‎ ‎juin‎ ‎2018‎ ‎17‎:‎56‎:‎04‎ ‎CEST, Kent Robertson karkauai@... [amelyachtowners] a écrit :


Hi Pat,

I have an Iridium phone with a gadget that uses the phone to create a Bluetooth WiFi hotspot.  I use it to get weather and do email.  It was less than satisfactory until I added a permanent antenna.  Now it’s awesome...good signal, fast downloads.  Maybe the bad reviews are from people like me before my new antenna???

Kent Robertson
S/V Kristy

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