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James Alton


   Sorry that I did not comment on these excellent photos earlier, we have been doing the 70-80 hour work week thing lately so a few things have had to slide a bit.  (grin)  The center photo of the rack is interesting to me since it appears that there is very little wear!  It is very helpful to see how some of these bits come apart since I have not taken the steering system on Sueño apart yet so thanks for sharing.

    Can you tell me if the cables are adjusted at the quadrant end or at the other end?  


James Alton
SV Sueño
Maramu #220

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Hey folks 

I thought these might be of interest for those with older Maramus with the morse red cables and the Morse 401 commander steering system.  

I know it would have helped me to have had these so hope they are helpful for any future service plans

All the best

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