Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Electrolux oven door

John Clark

Hi Kent,
   we were entering the Sea of Abaco at Little Harbor Inlet.  Sails furled, with the wind and 6-7 ft swells at our back.   The swells were rolling under us nicely when a big breaker came out of nowhere landing on the stbd quarter.  When I heard the sound change and turned to look there was white water breaking just above the solar panels.  Luckily we had companionway shut as the wave swamped the cockpit and dragged us over to port..  One drawer in the nav station unlatched dropping stationary supplies  and the machete came out of the pocket under the nav station stool.  Other than the oven glass it wasn't too bad.  

That inlet can generate good sized swells.  Another 50ft ketch went out the next morning and had a bear of a time pushing through them.  

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