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Hi James,
I find that it depends on the sea conditions and point of sail. On my recent passage to the Azores we only motored about 24 hrs all told.
With a smooth sea and apparent wind forward we sailed in the lightest of airs with the sails quiet.
At times doing 3 kn boat speed. However one night sailing in the front we had 30-42 kn true wind dead astern. Rough and confused with a cross swell. The front passed and wind dropped to 12-15  kn true, still dead aft. The slatting was horrible, nerve jangling and terrible for the sails. We motored for 8 hours, bare poled down wind in a solid breeze. Once the sea settled down we started sailing again. Saved a lot of wear and tear.

No hard and fast rules.

Nick s/y Amelia #54

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Bill Rouse,

   Thanks for sharing some of the rules that you use when deciding when to sail, motor sail or just motor that I assume were developed over many years of sailing your Amel.  


James Alton
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